Monday, February 28, 2011

Mind Map and Thumbnails

i decided to use a japanese aestectic. most of my research was figured out while doing my mind map, but eventually i narrowed my concept down to Geidō aestectic, which encompasses the traditional arts of NOH (japanese theatre) KADO (flower arrengments) SHODO (calligraphy) and SADO (tea ceremony). All of these aspects are derivative of the EDO period of Japanese history, and all of these aestectics are found in spending leasiure time around the world.


larger sketches

Monday, February 21, 2011


things that inspire me


I redid my thumbnails! I changed my concept to star trek tarot cards! I matched each card to similar characteristics between the card and the characters


stamp research

For my stamp project I have a two competing ideas:
bollywood in american culture
japanese influence in american culture

The reason why I want to illustrate bollywood culture is for the use of bright colors. Bollywood films are bright and bold almost to a comical sense.

The reason why I want to use japanese culture is because it is something close to my art. The reason why I became interested in art is largely due to manga/anime/lolita culture. Though it doesn't influence my art the way it use to, I began my artistic craft dreaming of becoming a manga artist, and I would like to revisit that love.

stamps that I like!

illustrator research

casey otremba

work experience include:
wee red herring
edinburgh college of art
read international-edinburgh
bombay comany
skaffels llc
san pan prodections
outerstuf ltd
intimo inc
school of visual arts
b3 and levitt productions


sarah ushure

work experience:
jotta: illustrations come to life at the v&a
sketchbook magazine 2009
ballad of amelias magazine
dazed digital
creative living
ecca-enterprise center for creative arts


sam richards


james gallagher

work experience:
nyarts magazine
brooklyn diary
licht fanzine #4
varroom magazine #12
cutting edges: contemporary collage
harp & alter anthology


George Bates

work experience:
washington post
the myth of modern minority
cover for surfing issue


Monday, February 14, 2011

Star Trek Thumbnails x 2

Ok so these are the thumbnails I have RIGHT NOW. I'm thinking about making some major changes, so don't fall in love with these color comps (you know, all three of my followers plus my mom)

Self Portrait

This is me practicing digital painting for my illustration 4 class. I realize I went a little texture crazy, but I enjoyed the effect it gave overall to the piece. I may add more smoke as a compositional element before this is due at 1:00 pm

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

school wasn't canceled today

So this happened:

First 26 Demons

Here are the number cards:

And here are the face cards: